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It looks better in black

Jennifer AvinaComment

Hey you guys, How was your Monday? I can actually say mine was pretty fun had a girls day with my sisters, you have to cherish those moments with your siblings regardless of the arguments and cat fights you might have ( or am I the only one haha). My Monday consisted of breakfast at CHAUMONT it's a cute little spot in Beverly hills, if anyone lives around the area or traveling over here it's a place you must visit. There croissants are amazing you'll literally want to lick your fingers once your done ( but obviously don't lick them). After breakfast we were off to get our nails done I needed a new color and I chose a nice mocha color for fall of course. Then last but not least I decided to stop by and say hello to my hair stylist since we were close by and we decided to give my hair a little treatment a much needed one, sometimes I regret that I colored my hair it took me so long to decide to do it and now that it's done I feel like I miss my natural color but then again I love my current color, can you tell I'm out of my mind. For my featured outfit I wanted to do something chic and feminine but added the leather jacket to add some edginess. I'd describe my style to be very eclectic, I'm into elegant and feminine pieces but I also like to have fun and be a little bit of a style chameleon and try new things. After all you only live once and need to wear what you love.


Outfit Details

Cropped Top: Viva Fancy Skirt: Lucy Paris Jacket: Forever 21 Shoes: Calvin Klein

Earrings: Viva Fancy