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Girl of the Moment: Lindsey Calla

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So guys I know I've talked about many things coming and to stay tuned, well this is one of the things I'm excited to share with you all in recent posts I've featured interviews with other bloggers who are fabulous by the way but now I'm making it a little series, every Tuesday I will feature a style muse, an it girl, a powerful woman, We'll have a little insight of what they do, how they got there, and what advice they have for all of us, even better they'll all be stylish of course.

First "Girl of the Moment" has to go to style expert Lindsey Calla. Who is Lindsey Calla you may ask well she pretty much does it all she's a TV Host, Fashion & Fitness blogger. What I love about her blog is that your inspired in so many ways not only can you check out her blog "Calla in Motion" for style tips but you'll also find skincare tips, health tips, and so much more. Check out what she had to say about everything from changing her blog name and find out what's next for her.

Your site used to be Saucy Glossie but now something totally different, why the change?

When I first started my blog about 5/6 years ago I was sort of a different person.  Younger, greener, and focused on different things than I am now.  Then, it was all about being in my twenties and trying to have fast fashion and everything is on a budget and flipping through trends quickly.  Now, my life and approach to style is much more focused on a more wellness angle and learning from what I did before by investing in better pieces or really refining my style so it fits my lifestyle.  So when I realized that I was growing and changing, I knew that my blog had to naturally evolve so that it really was an authentic, true reflection of myself and what I wanted to share with everyone.  What I really am loving now is the athleisure trend because the advancements in design in the activewear category are exploding and it really does fit my lifestyle now.

Your a Tv Host, Style Expert, and Blogger what do you love most and why?

This is so tough because I love everything equally but my passion really is in communicating with real women about style dilemmas and tips and tricks that can help them in their everyday, stylish life.  So I find that TV is such an amazing platform to really reach a large amount of people and I truly enjoy the art of producing and delivering content  through that medium.  That said, blogging also does the same thing but it's a way that I can connect with people on a more everyday, relatable platform and I'm happy to be able to always love working on creating beautiful content. 

Who influences your style?

I love the grace and sophistication of women like Georgina Chapman, Olivia Palermo and Tory Burch and they all are also smart business women.  I also love this brand Weargrace that is more of a yoga studio to street brand and the founder, Karen Joyce, is so fantastic and has such an inspiring story.

What's next for Lindsey Calla?

I'm really focusing on building Calla In Motion and taking that concept to tv whether through segments or a whole show.  So keep an eye out for more inspiring content and hopefully an opportunity to share that across all different platforms

What's your favorite quote that you live by?

A head full of fears has no space for dreams.