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Coachella 2015

Jennifer AvinaComment

Hey guys how are you so yes I understand weekend one for Coachella is just a couple of hours away which is great and I have more great news for you I've gathered some inspiration to hopefully inspire your looks, some of you might have your outfits already but for those of you who don't or are going weekend two hopefully this can be helpful, Have fun everyone can't wait to see all of your outfits make sure you hashtag #Coachella2015 I'll be on the lookout for some amazing looks and feature the best looks on the site.


Hola a todos como estan, si ya lo se el primer fin de semana de Coachella ya esta por llegar en unas pocas horas, tengo buenas noticias e reunido inspiracion que espero que pueda ayudar completar sus looks para el evento musical. Muchos de ustedes a la mejor ya tienen todos sus looks pero para esos que no y que tambien iran el otro fin de semana espero que esto sea util. Que se diviertan todos, y estare pendiente de todos sus outfits, no se les olvide hacer #Coachella2015, pondre todo mis looks favoritos aqui en el sitio.