Art Basel 2015

Happy Saturday, this week is almost coming to an end and and that means Art Basel in Miami is too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves this weekend is going to be filled with the best art work and the best parties. I'm based in LA, so if you were to travel here I'd be able to tell you all the hotspots and cool places you can visit but unfortunately Art Basel is in Miami and you might say to yourself well I want to go to Miami and I want to go to Art Basel but where do I even begin and where do I go well lucky for you guys I teamed up with Carolina from "I'm Not Sorry Darling" as a Miami based blogger she knows everything you need know from the best galleries to attend, what places to visit and the best hotels to stay at. Keep reading to find out, and don't worry if you're not attending this year bookmark this for next year or even for your next trip to Miami.


Wynwood Art District

"You can visit here anytime"

"Art walks, Galleries, Restaurants, Cafes"


Galleries During Art Basel


One of the most popular art shows not only in Miami but the world, it's a must see.


Any creative mind needs to check this out, it is so eclectic and everyone will love something they see.


1 Hotel in South Beach

I think when traveling the hotel your staying in can become the most exciting part

after all you are sleeping there,  it becomes like your second home.

I rounded out the best hotels while in Miami with the help of Carolina of course.

The first one on the list is 1 hotel in South Beach. Luxury at its finest,

if you're on a work trip or just in Miami for a few days this hotel will make

it the most memorable trip ever and better yet it's eco friendly what more can you ask for.

Edition Hotel

The Edition Hotel just screams posh luxe with a fun vibe,

It really is the place to stay at you'll pretty much feel like you're in a music video.

W Hotel

The W hotel is the epitome of elegance, the rooms have a

minimilistic vibe and once you walk outside you're in paradise.


So we saved the best for last Fontainebleau , you can literally stay here your whole trip

you wouldn't even have to step out of the hotel. Your whole vacation experience is here,

and you'll be having it with style in a modern luxurious place.