Casual Chic in a Floppy Hat

Hello my lovelys hope all is well, so I just got done doing a little Christmas shopping online but is it selfish that everything I bought is for me, well okay I started looking for gifts for my loved ones but then I couldn't resist myself, my official Christmas shopping will start tomorrow and I will not purchase one thing for myself. On to more exciting news, you guys okay so I'm teaming up with some really stylish ladies and we are going to ease your shopping this holiday season so stay tuned for that. Before I get into my outfit I just wanted to thank you guys for all the sweet comments on my instagram account, let me back track to when I had just started my blog I rarely got even one comment but that didn't matter to me because I was loving what I was doing and enormously do to this day and if even just one person was inspired by me that meant a whole lot. By all means I'm no Oprah of the blogging world but one tip I could give to anyone just starting their blog or pursuing any dream is don't give up you'll have some lows but don't let that stop you because as long as you put in your hard work and dedication you will see your dream coming true right before your eyes. Now to the outfit okay so ever since I was like one i wore faux fur no joke my mom always shows me pictures I had this light pink one she said I wanted to wear everywhere sounds like me now with my faux fur coats come on you guys have to agree not only do they keep you warm but they're so posh. I went for a casual chic outfit I added some denim and accessorized with a floppy hat like I mentioned in my favorites of the week switch up your fedora for a floppy hat they also complete your outfit.


Hola encantadores espero que a todos les este llendo bien. Yo acabo de terminar unas compras navidenas por la computadora pero hay un problema compre poco pero todo lo que compre fue para una sola persona yo, okay manana comienzan mis compras y nada para mi me tengo que resistir. Estando en el tema navideno tengo un annuncio otras chicas de la moda y yo vamos a crear algo para ser sus compras navidenas mas facil esten pendientes. Antes de entrar a los detalles del outfit queria agradecerles por cada commentario dulce que me dejan en mi cuenta de instagram, me recuerdo cuando era rara la vez que garraba un commentaria pero a mi eso no me importaba porque para mi un commentario valia mucho, para mi es muy importante inspirar y saber que ese comentaria pudo inspirar a alguien eso me alegra mucho. Okay yo no soy ninguna Oprah de el mundo de blogs pero si tengo un consejo para alguien que esta comenzando su blog o siguiendo su sueno no se rindan puede ver dificultades pero no dejen que eso los detengan, por que si tu pones tu esfuerzo y trabajas en lograrlo miraras tu sueno haciendo se un realidad en cuando tu menos esperas. Ahora hablemos de el look, desde chiquita me encantaban los abrigos de pelaje mi mama me a ensenado fotos donde me ponia uno de mis favoritos en un color rosita y nada a cambiado no mas el color y hasta ahorita me encantan pero como no si te mantiene sin frio y son muy posh. Con este look fui por casual chic agrege unos pantalones de mezclilla y uno de mis accessorios favoritos un sombrero.