Girl in a Fedora

Hi Everyone, How's everyone's summer so far? I'm loving it and I don't want it to ever end, but when it does it's bittersweet because there's three things I look forward to the most important thing "MY BIRTHDAY" and the others which I can say are as equally important "FASHION WEEK" and the huge "Fall September Magazine Issues". Well we aren't there yet so let's get into the outfit details we all love hats in the Spring,Summer,Fall and in the Winter I think two must have hats for the summer would be the floppy hat and fedora those two are just so chic and really complete your look. I love that you can wear something simple and the hat just adds a stylish effect. You will also see I'm wearing my new favorite boyfriend jeans, they're so comfortable and I completed my look with chunky sandals which are a summer must have as well.

Hola todos, Como se la estan pasando este verano? Yo me la estoy pasando de maravilla pero no quiero que termine, pero lo que si se es que si termina no es nada mal porque despues del verano llega "Mi Cumpleanos" y otras cosas muy importantes como las pasarelas en Nueva York y las revistas de Septiembre, las compro todas. Pero mientras llege eso a que hablar mas de mi look y lo que traigo puesto. La Fedora es algo que es necesario este verano, completa tu look y te protege del sol. Lo que me encanta de la fedora es que puede ser un look basico verse completamente stylish. Tambien agrege uno de mis jeans favoritos "Boyfriend Jeans" les cuento que son muy comodos. Y para terminar el look agrege "chunky sandals" estos zapatos son perfectos para el verano. 

Ciao, Jenn Avina