A little something that will always inspire someone

Lucy " Lucy's Whims

A gal full of talents and passions, this girl continues to impress us all with her impeccable and polished with an always fun touch style and also how she manages to balance her day to day schedule as a personal stylist, fashion blogger, and mother of two. I was intrigued to know more about Lucy and was excited when I got the chance to interview her, this San Diego native serves as a role model and I'm sure you too would love to know more about her so read on to see what she's all about.

An amazing fashion gal but who really is Lucy Whims?

Lucy: I'm a mom, wife, sister and friend.  A social butterfly to the core!  I love to entertain, cook fancy meals and play hostess.  I love being surrounded by family and friends but also need my alone time to dream.  I'm a whiskey and champagne lover.  I curse like a sailor.  Sorry!  I think breakfast is the greatest meal ever and can be eaten ALL day long.  I love hip hop and think Jay Z is a lyrical genius but also want to be best friends with Taylor Swift!  Oh and I think Gwyneth Paltrow and I are soul sisters. I believe that life is about taking risks, laughing loudly, loving fully and exploring your every whim!

Your style inspires many but who inspires you?  

I live for Kate Moss, she's edgy, unrestrained and so effortless in her style. There are so many incredibly strong entrepreneurial women that are shattering convention. Gwyneth Paltrow, DVF, Sophia Amoruso, Amber Venz are all strong, powerful and sexy women all at once.  Proving what women already know, that we can be all things and not just one!  They blow me away with their tenacity and keep me inspired and motivated.

A great style tip you live by?

Know your colors!  It's so important to know what colors work best for your skin tone.  I stick to a very specific color palette in my clothing; blues, cool neutrals, greys and blacks because these are the colors that work with my olive skin tone and make my green eyes pop.  If there's a color of the season that i know isn't ideal for me but I love then I incorporate it into my accessories with handbags/shoes/jewelry... Using this same method of shopping also makes it so everything in my wardrobe can easily be paired together, a cohesive wardrobe! 

What's one trend you can't wait to try this season?

Platform sandals! Aquazzura has some amazing ones that I've got my eye on.

Words of Advice for the dreamers and go-getters out there?

Take risks, don't be too hard on yourself. Failure is part of the learning process, be kind to everyone the friendships of today can turn into the partnerships of tomorrow.  



Anouk "Anouk Yve"

Do you sometimes think, how do they do it? Well that's exactly what you're going to ask yourself about Anouk Yve. How do they balance a family while building a fashion empire? Fashion entrepreneur and blogger Anouk Yve isn't a newbie to the fashion business, she's built her empire she's just adding some touches along the way. The founder of creatorsofdesire (one of my favorite websites) which she has officially shut down to focus on her other business ventures like her creative content marketing agency Buro Hashtag and fashion blog Anouk is here to tell us a little bit about her world and how she does it all.

Who is Anouk Yve?

Anouk: Anouk Yve is an abbreviation of Anouk Yvette, my two names as well as the name of my blog and social handles. I'm originally the founder of blog collective, which I runned for 5 years before pulling the plug 3 weeks ago. We were successful with over 150.000 unique readers a month at its best, but The blog market has changed. Traffic collapsed due to Instagram. I have founded a new business Büro Hashtag a marketing agency for creative social content, write columns for magazines such as Marie Claire and have recently launched my own site Besided all this I'm a mommy of baby Teun (8 months) and live in Sweden, Stockholm for the next two years.  A lot is happening in my life as you can see. Juggling work with my private life.

What's a day in your life consist of?

Anouk: The morning revolves around my son. Feed him, dress him, play with him. In the afternoons while my boyfriend is home from training (my boyfriend is a professional football player) I work till 6, than I cook, put the baby to bed and work again haha. Pretty boring, but with the weather turning nice again here in Stockholm I'm outside a lot meeting up with friends in coffee places and talk fashion hihi...

Your style is amazing what's one style tip you live by?

Anouk: Thanks. The best tip is to save your clothes. I don't throw away my clothes as I think clothes from 3 years ago can be really interesting now. With Instagram the market is so oversaturated. Nothing is unique anymore, besides clothes that has been. Nobody can buy it anymore which makes it fun. 

What's one trend you can't wait to try this season?

Anouk: That would be the loafer slippers. I love this trend, it's so comfy and cool. Can't wait for 20 degrees temperatures!

Words of Advice for the dreamers and go-getters out there?

Anouk: If you want something, don't wait but start right away. Work towards your ultimate goal it's what's going to make you truly happy. You know why? Because every decision you make is yours, only taking you closer and closer to what you are able to achieve. It's the most purest form of life and with that comes focus. Clutter out the rest. 



"Work towards your ultimate goal

it's what's going to make you truly happy."

Carina "Her Open Window"

Don't we all dream about that Carrie Bradshaw moment a booming career then finding the love of your life and even better having it happen all in NYC, well I can tell you guys about someone that's more than close to being Carrie Bradshaw in her own way of course. I'm talking about Carina an event planner from the big apple and guess what else she's a style influencer as well, she truly manages to balance it all and walks through life stylishly of course . I got the chance to speak to this stylish muse in the making on how she does it all.

Who is Carina?

Carina: I am a small town girl who moved to New York City with big dreams. I am up for any and every new experience and love to travel. I love tacos more than any human should. I never say no to coffee or champagne. I am married to the greatest man I've ever known. I am lucky enough to have the best groups of friends a girl a girl can ask for. When it comes to fashion I am a huge fan of mixing highs and lows. I believe style is about how you put yourself together, not the price tag or name brand. There should be no rules except to walk out the door in what makes you feel beautiful everyday. I am driven by the idea that opening up your window to the world and doing what scares you will influence your life in ways you never imagined possible.

What inspired you to start a blog?

Carina: Like so many others, this is something I had thought about for years before I decided to jump in. I was so inspired by other women who really put themselves out there. But the driving force behind the blog was creating something that is all mine. Her Open Window is my corner of the internet where no one creates the rules but me. I get to make something that is all mine and there is something really empowering about that. It feels good to have a creative outlet and I truly love my space to share my outfits, ideas, and travels. The bonus has been connecting with other amazing women, making friends out of this has been so much fun!

What's next for you anything exciting you can tell us?

Carina: I am excited to say that I am starting to feel the momentum of my blog start to grow. There are some fun collaborations coming up and I am most excited about a girl's trip with other bloggers next month!

How would you describe your style in three words?

Carina: Comfortable, easy, feminine with an edge. Oops, more than 3 words! 

Your top three favorite stores to shop at?

Carina: Nordstrom, Zara, and Shopbop.



Bec + Marissa

"Twice Blessed Bloggers"

We're all inspired by fashion each and everyday it can be a fashion blog or an instagram shot while your scrolling through your feed and you wonder who's this style influencer love their style but how exciting is it when it's two stylish babes, they do say "two heads are better than one" and they sure prove it from their photography that literally looks like an editorial spread to their monochromatic style while adding that feminine touch. Let's find out what these Australian ladies are all about...

How did this whole idea of the two of you starting a blog come about?

Bec+Marissa: It was in our last semester of our Marketing degree that we decided to create our blog. We've always loved fashion, styling and design; so we tried to combine the two together; Marketing & Fashion! We saw ourselves as 'the product' and we needed to market ourselves and implement marketing strategies for us to grow. So, we we're kind-of our own little Marketing project!

How would you girls describe your style aesthetic?

Bec+Marissa: We're both very multifaceted people, so our style changes from day-to-day. However, the best way to describe our style is monochrome, simplistic and put-together.

Your photography is amazing, what tips do you both have at least one would be great?

Bec+Marissa: Oh thank-you! We can't take all the credit though, our photographer, Katie Fergus does all of our 'Outfit Posts.' But with our selfies, flatlays, etc; our tip is invest in good technology! If you can't afford a hi-quality camera (find your iPhone works best), invest in good iPhone editing apps or Photoshop!

You can only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who is it?

Bec: Camilla and Marc

Marissa: Bassike

Words of wisdom to live by:

Bec+Marissa: Our first day of university we learnt something we'll never forget; "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" It's something we strive to implement in every area of our lives!




Jennifer "Modern Ensemble"

Fashion and interior design are two different things but also have one thing in common Jennifer from Modern Ensemble this gal is always on the go and really proves that if your passionate of multiple things you can do it all. This lady is an interior designer by day and also manages to inspire us with all her lovely outfits on her blog. I was so excited to get to know more of her daily life and how she balances it all, let's find out..

What inspired you to start your blog, and name it MODERN ENSEMBLE?

Jennifer: I have always loved fashion and several of my friends thought it would be a good idea for me to document what I wear on a daily basis because random people were always asking me about my clothing!  It is also so much fun to creatively express myself through my blog. :)  I named it Modern Ensemble because I love all things modern and ensemble has a variety of definitions including attire and a coordinating set of furniture which was fitting for me because I wanted to pepper in interior design elements into my blog as well.  

What's a day in your life like?

Jennifer: I wake up around 7, workout, have my coffee which I can’t live without, head to work at 10 ( I am an interior designer by day), then head home around 5, work on the blog, and repeat the next day!  I also shoot once or twice a week with my photographer and shoot 2-3 looks at a time.  

What inspires your style aesthetic?

Jennifer: My daily surroundings, travel, magazines, and those around me. I love mixing up outfits and wearing pieces in a variety of ways.  It is almost like a puzzle figuring out how to make different pieces work together.  

Your top three beauty products?

Jennifer: I cannot live without my YSL touché éclat concealer.  Seriously a lifesaver when I am sleep deprived.  I also love Glossier lip balm which gives my lips just the right amount of moisture and has a waxy like texture that I love.  Last but not least is my Mario Badescu facial spray.  It consists of aloe and rose water and I spritz it on a million times a day to make my skin feel revitalized.  It works wonders.

                     Your advice to anyone looking to start a blog?

Jennifer: Honestly post and write about what you love and be consistent.  It doesn’t happen overnight but the end result is soooo worth it if you stick with it! :)

  Chantal "Fashion With A View"

A girl who not only has dreams but making them a reality one day at a time. Inspiring and a risk taker this gal has worked at the most prestigious fashion houses from Vogue to appearing on House of DVF. Apart from all that she influences people with her fresh feminine style on her blog, is there anything she can't I believe not. So I had the chance to find out a little bit more about her since I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about Chantal.

What or who inspires your style?

Chantal: My mixed culture background and my travels really allow my style to constantly evolve. Depending on where I am living in the world, I notice that my style adapts to the culture and the people.

You've built a fashion platform for many to be inspired, what's next for you?

Chantal: I feel like social media is really taking a turn to be a more "positive platform" for women. I want to be a voice of encouragement and support for the younger generation. I constantly get emails and messages of support and I feel honored that I am a source of advice for these girls. I am an only child and the first in my family to graduate from college so I know what it feels like to not have all the answers and I want my followers to know that they can count on me to give them honest, calculated advice. I hope I can provide inspiration and good advice to these girls in order for them to have a bright future.

If we have the chance to splure on an item, what should it be?

Chantal: I am a lover of good Basics. A great nude or black handbag. A comfortable & chic pair of heels that you can wear from day to night. Something that you will have forever and will never be "out of style". My favorites right now are my Fendi 2Jour in Beige & my YSL Tributes in Nude.

What advice do you have for the newbie in the fashion industry?

Chantal: Work, work and work! I had no idea what aspect of the industry I wanted to work in until I worked in almost all of them and found my favorite. The most important thing n your resume is experience & the ambition to continue learning. Very few people are lucky enough to know what they want to do right out of the gate so enjoy all of your experiences and make sure you try all avenues before you decide what you will dedicate your career to.


Chloe Kermeci

 A young girl from a place that continuously influences our style as does she, this Australian babe impresses us all with her minimalist style, this girl makes a simple tee look like an editorial from a magazine. Did I mention she's also still a student she is proof that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you're already intrigued don't worry there's more I spoke to her about all things fashion and what's to come for her...

A poised young lady filled with inspiration, Who is Chloe?

Chloe: I may only be seventeen but this has not stopped me from pursuing my dreams and aspirations to show the world my style and natural creative flair. With already gaining an insight into the possibilities that lay ahead for me, I've been lucky to experience, learn and be inspired by those who live and breathe fashion. 

What's to come for you, anything exciting we can know about?

Chloe: I live day by day making the most of every opportunity I'm presented with. I never know what to expect, one day I'm at school, the next day I'm attending fashion events. I am unable to reveal what's in store for me but all I can say is keep an eye out for my name. 

Your style crush, someone who's wardrobe you'd love to have?

Chloe: I have many style crushes, from the classic Audrey Hepburn to the structured Victoria Beckham but the wardrobe I would love to have is Sara Donaldson's aka Harper and Harley. She embraces the minimalist and monochrome style through her everyday life as she reduces her wardrobe to the basics. Most importantly, she supports Australian designers. 

If your on a deserted island and can only bring three things, what do you bring?

Chloe: My iPhone, Harper's BAZAAR Australia magazine and a pair of sunglasses. 

What words of wisdom do you live by?

Chloe: Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

     Michelle Madsen "Take Aim"

One of my favorite things about the fashion industry is meeting and connecting with other fashion influencers that have the same passions or creative minds and Michelle forsure is one of them not only is she a fashion blogger but this lady really does it all being the co-founder of Love Nail Tree a company she founded with her husband. She truly is an inspiration read on to find out more...

What's a day in the life of Michelle like?

Michelle: Usually I start the morning with coffee while I work on my blog post for the day and answer emails. By noon I’m usually out of the house for events and meetings. Everyday is different but I’m always chasing the clock and trying to create content as I go! At night time, if there’s not an event to attend, I enjoy cooking dinner and watching a good show with my husband.

Who or what inspires your style?

Michelle: City life and usually brand lookbooks. I love the effortless and cool style LA has in general and I put my own twist on it. I like to keep my looks timeless, minimal and intersting.

What are three key pieces we should have in our wardrobes this season?

Michelle: Some of my favorites right now are cropped flare denim jeans, neck-tie blouses and a oversized, chunky knit.

Your major splurge item?

Michelle: Bags! I love shoes but since they get dirty so easily, I like to invest in bags that won’t go out of style.

Your blog is inspiring, what advice do you have for a newcomer?

Michelle: Take time to learn your audience. That seems like a no-brainer but really look at the stats and see when people are on your site, how old are they, which items are getting clicked on the most, and which posts get the best traffic. It’s a lot of trial and error until you hit your sweet spot!


Caitlyn "How Do You Wear That"

A dashing girl from New Jersey and the founder of "How Do You Wear That" it all just started a couple of months ago for her but already is someone to watch. Don't be surprised if you see her while flipping through your favorite fashion magazines sooner than later. Effortless style with an urban or downtown flare this lady leaves us speechless with her impeccable style. Cait was nice enough to let us into her world well at least for a little keep reading to find out what she's all about.

You have great personal style, what inspires your style?

Caitlyn: Well, first off, thank you! My style is inspired by a lot of different things. It could be my mood, a person I saw walking down the street, different decades, my surroundings (downtown, country side, urban etc.) 

How did " How did you wear that" come about?

Caitlyn: How Do You Wear That came to be in June 2015. Starting a blog has something I have always wanted to do...ever since I discovered Emily Schuman doing a interview with Amy Levin, Founder of CollegeFashionista, back in 2011. I never quite had the guts to actually create one, though. I started creating it and then stopped about 2 or 3 times. Then, this past June, I bit the bullet and ultimately said, "Screw it, I WANT + NEED to do this!"

The actual name came from my girlfriends in college, family members and everyone in between always saying to me..."I don't get it! How do you WEAR that?!" And thus, was born.

Your top three favorite apps for editing your pictures?

Caitlyn: VSCO Cam, Afterlight, Instagram

Your style crush?

Caitlyn: My style crush. Hm. That's a tough one. I feel like I have so many! I'd have to say it is currently Mary from Happily Grey or Brittany from Thrifts and Threads.

Words of wisdom you live by?

Caitlyn: Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.



"I truly believe it's rewarding to pursue what you love"


Kat Tanita "With love from Kat"

    For those who don't already know she's the editor for one of the most popular blogs today "With Love From Kat", This NYC based gal has inspired us with her classic style, beauty tips and travel, just makes you want to take the most luxurious vacation ever. If you ever need help styling one of your wardrobe staples just go to her blog she does it so well. Even with her busy schedule she was able to give me a little taste of what inspires her and what advice she has for all of us keep reading to find out...


Withlovefromkat is such a chic blog where do you get your style inspiration?

Kat Tanita: Thank you! I get inspiration from chic girls I see on the streets of Milan, Rome, Paris, Buenos Aires, NYC!  My travels really inspire my style.

If you can have anyone's wardrobe who’s would it be?

Kat Tanita: Olivia Palermo

If you were stuck on an island and can only bring three things with you what would they be?

Kat Tanita: My cell phone, MAC lipgloss in C-thru, and down comforter!

I know you're based in beautiful New York what are your favorite hotspots?

Kat Tanita: The Lion is always a great place to grab dinner and drinks, then I love going to Catch, The Standard or Soho House.

What advice would you give to a blogger that’s just starting out?

Kat Tanita: Stay true to yourself.  Don’t take every opportunity that comes your way, be selective and put a ton of effort into projects you’re really passionate about.


Tina "Where Can I Find The"

This lovely Greek babe is the founder and fashion blogger of WHERECANIFINDTHE, for those of you who don't know her, This gal is the epitome of chic and polished, her looks are always well put together and just makes you want to steal her wardrobe. Keep reading to find out what she's all about.

What does a day in the life of Tina consist of?

Tina: Blogging is my part time hobby so everyday I work at my day job, I am in the advertising business and when I return home I really like to rest and watch movies with my boyfriend. Often we arrange with my best friends girls nights when we go out for dinner and wine. I love those times. So due to limited free time I dedicate most of my weekend to my blog. 

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

Tina: Elin Kling, Leandra Medine, Pernille Teisbaek and Evangelie Smyrniotaki. 

If you can be anyone for a day who would it be?

Tina: Well this is a tough one. I haven't really thought about it. But since we're talking about fashion let's say I would like to get just a glimpse of Victoria Beckham's life.  She is one of my style icons. 

What three words describe your personal style?

Tina: Simple, monochromatic, mainly masculine with touches of femininity. That's not 3 words I know...

Greece is where you live, what places would you recommend to visit?

Tina: I consider myself extremely lucky because I live in the most beautiful country. Honestly I wouldn't know which place to recommend first... But if I had to suggest a few I would definitely pick Mykonos & Santorini since these two islands wrap up most of the Greek beauty.

Alba Zapater "Ms Treinta"

This pretty girl does it all she's a wife,mother, professional and fashion blogger, she has what many of us aspire to be and have. Alba can pretty much wear anything and make it her own, now that's a real style chameleon. Check out what she had to say about her stylish life.

You have such an eclectic style it seems like you can pretty much rock anything, how would you describe your style in your own words?

 Alba: I think that my style is very varied cause I like to wear different clothes according to the occasion. Sometimes I need to wear boho looks and sometimes something more elegant although the casual- chic style is my favorite!!

How do you balance everything from blogging, your career and most importantly your family? 

Alba : It is hard cause in these days to be mum and to work is complicated so if you are a blogger much more!! Fortunately I have the best husband in the world and He makes that this dream can be possible!!

Who’s one of your favorite designers and why? 

Alba: Isabel Marant cause I love her vision of the vogue!! Looks casual and very chic!!

Your blog is favorited by others but what blogs do you favorite?

Alba: I love blogs like Tuula vintage, song of style and from Spain my daily style.

I see your a very positive person what words of wisdom do you live by?

My philosophy of the life is that everything what you make in the life you must make it with passion cause the passion moves mountains!!

Kat tanita interview 1.jpg

     Lima Che "Lima's Wardrobe"

Let me introduce you to a fashion inspiration and not only does she inspire us with her stylish outfits but is also a model from Belgium, I mean this gal does it all her name is Lima Che for Lima's Wardrobe. What I noticed about Lima is that she can really pull off any look she can do classic to casual cool, She really makes the look her own and really shows her true personal style. Lucky me I got to interview her, want to get to know what she's all about read below and catch my interview.


Lima's Wardrobe how would you describe your style?

Lima Che: Feminine chic with a laid-back twist

Who influence's your style and why?

Lima Che: I'm not really influenced by someone, I don't follow trends, I just wear what I like to wear what I believe is stylish but I get inspired by Olivia Palermo, she's one of my favorite fashion icons! 

How did your blog come about, what made you want to start a fashion blog?

Lima Che: I woke up one day with the idea of starting a fashion blog to express and share my style to the world. As a model I traveled and worked for years in the fashion industry and that's how Lima's Wardrobe is born.

What’s one of your favorite pieces in your closet right now?

Lima Che: My Delvaux Madame bag

Any words of wisdom you live by?

Lima Che: Keep your heels, head and standards high


Caroline "Pardon my Obsession"

Get to know Caroline from the fashion blog Pardon My Obsession, her blog literally will have you apologizing for how obsessed you are with her style. Let's get to know a little bit more about this twenty-five year old medical student living in Paris.

Caroline I see your a new upcoming fashion blogger, what inspired you to start a blog?

Caroline:I started on Instagram about a year ago, and I got hooked. When I saw my audience was growing, I thought it would be a cool idea to start a blog, as I have always been a huge fan of fashion and blogs, but never even thought about opening my own!

Your style is so chic, whose style do you admire?

Caroline:Thank you ! I admire fashion editors and stylists. They are always incredibly put together but such in an effortless way ! My favorites are Emmanuelle Alt, Géraldine Saglio, Christine Centenera, Joanna Hillman and Caroline Sieber, among others.

Aside from blogging what does Caroline do?

Caroline:I am still a student and work too. So yes, I am pretty busy!

You live in one of the fashion capital’s PARIS, what’s your favorite thing to do there and where must we visit?

Caroline:Paris is my favorite city on Earth, and there are so many things to do. What I love most is just walking and discovering new places, little coffee places and amazing shopping stores. If you come to Paris, make sure to stay away from clichés, and avoid the Champs Elysées. Try Saint Germain or Le Marais instead!

Before I let you go, what advice do you live by that you’d like to share?

Caroline:It may sound silly, but there's one quote I can't get off my mind it's from Marylin Monroe, and while I have always admired Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O more, this is my go-to advice when bad things happen : if you don't believe in yourself, then who will sweetie ?


Lindsey Calla "Calla in Motion"

Who is Lindsey Calla you may ask well she pretty much does it all she's a TV Host, Fashion & Fitness blogger. What I love about her blog is that your inspired in so many ways not only can you check out her blog "Calla in Motion" for style tips but you'll also find skincare tips, health tips, and so much more. Check out what she had to say about everything from changing her blog name and find out what's next for her.

Your site used to be Saucy Glossie but now something totally different, why the change?

Lindsey: When I first started my blog about 5/6 years ago I was sort of a different person.  Younger, greener, and focused on different things than I am now.  Then, it was all about being in my twenties and trying to have fast fashion and everything is on a budget and flipping through trends quickly.  Now, my life and approach to style is much more focused on a more wellness angle and learning from what I did before by investing in better pieces or really refining my style so it fits my lifestyle.  So when I realized that I was growing and changing, I knew that my blog had to naturally evolve so that it really was an authentic, true reflection of myself and what I wanted to share with everyone.  What I really am loving now is the athleisure trend because the advancements in design in the active wear category are exploding and it really does fit my lifestyle now.

Your a Tv Host, Style Expert, and Blogger what do you love most and why?

Lindsey:This is so tough because I love everything equally but my passion really is in communicating with real women about style dilemmas and tips and tricks that can help them in their everyday, stylish life.  So I find that TV is such an amazing platform to really reach a large amount of people and I truly enjoy the art of producing and delivering content  through that medium.  That said, blogging also does the same thing but it's a way that I can connect with people on a more everyday, relatable platform and I'm happy to be able to always love working on creating beautiful content. 

Who influences your style?

Lindsey:I love the grace and sophistication of women like Georgina Chapman, Olivia Palermo and Tory Burch and they all are also smart business women.  I also love this brand Weargrace that is more of a yoga studio to street brand and the founder, Karen Joyce, is so fantastic and has such an inspiring story.

What's next for Lindsey Calla?

Lindsey:I'm really focusing on building Calla In Motion and taking that concept to tv whether through segments or a whole show.  So keep an eye out for more inspiring content and hopefully an opportunity to share that across all different platforms.

What's your favorite quote that you live by?

Lindsey: A head full of fears has no space for dreams.