Laguna Beach: 5 Places to Visit

Laguna Beach: 5 Places to Visit


It's officially Summer and I don't think there's anything better than giving you a little insight on the top 5 places I recommend to visit while you're in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach I just love this beach city it has to be one of my favorites. When I was younger my favorite show to watch was Laguna Beach they always just seemed so laid back and relaxed but in a luxe way, if that makes sense, the girls had the best sun-kissed glows that we all crave. The places the boys took them on dates to were pretty lovely if you ask me who doesn't want a beach view everytime you go on a date or even just dinner with your friends. So this past week I had to work in Laguna, but I had to take advantage and scout some pretty locations for you guys. Keep reading below and find out what I love and think you'll love too.



You have everything in one place, amazing food, fun in the sun , and a spa

Montage Laguna.jpg

1.  The Montage has three amazing eating and cocktail hour experiences.. you have The Loft which I recommend for brunch, then we have Studio restaurant which is a beautiful luxe dining experience come with your girlfriends or a romantic date you'll enjoy great food and drinks. Last but not least they have the Mosaic Bar and Grille which is the perfect place for summer you can enjoy your food poolside and guess what you can even rent a cabana.

2. If you're in the mood for some fitness you can enjoy some yoga then head over to the Mosaic pool and relax.

3. My favorite part has to be the spa they offer a whole spa menu that includes facials, massages, and some interesting treatments.


The Deck on Laguna Beach 

Oceanfront dining is the best kind of dining

Deck on Laguna Beach.jpg

1. I don't know about you guys but a glass of rosé and watching the sunset doesn't sound so bad and you can do just that here.


2. Enjoy seafood and drinks with a view.


3. You can do lunch or dinner here, I think this summer either or will be an amazing experience.


Splashes Restaurant


Seaside views for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

1. Inside the Surf and Sand Resort, Splashes restaurant really is a place you need to visit.

2. Mouthwatering entrees and you have to try one or a couple of there signature cocktails like "the little rosé" a personal favorite.

3. If you have that summer dress you want to wear to The Hamptons this is another alternative location to wear that dress.


Rooftop Laguna Beach 

rooftop lounge laguna beach.jpg

Alluring views while you're sipping on your favorite cocktail

1. Inside La Casa Del Camino Hotel, this will easily become your favorite rooftop.


2. When you're in the mood for a fun day/night out on the town this is the place to be at.


3. If you're anything like me trying to find the best photo op location well let me tell you jackpot.